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check list birds by Giosuè Serreli

Ardea purpurea-Airone rosso-Purple Heron- Héron pourpré

Nycticorax nycticorax-Nitticora- Nigth heron-Bihoreau gris

Egretta garzetta-Garzetta- Little egret-

Egretta alba-Airone bianco Maggiore- Great white egret-

Ardea cinerea-Airone cenerino- Grey heron-

Bubulcus ibis-Airone guardabuoi- Cattle egret-

Ardeola ralloides-Sgarza ciuffetto- Squacco heron-

Botarus stellaris-Tarabuso- Bittern-

Ixobrychus minutus-Tarabusino- Little bittern-

Tachybaptus ruficollis-Tuffetto- Little grebe-

Podiceps cristatus-Svasso Maggiore- Great grebe-

Phoenicopterus ruber-Fenicottero rosa- Flamingo-

Ciconia ciconia-Cicogna bianca- White storke-

Cigno nero

Phalacrocorax carbo-Cormorano- Cormorant-

Phalacrocorax aristotelis-Marangone dal ciuffo- Shag-

Anas platyrhynchos-Germano reale- Mallard-

Aythya ferina-Moriglione- Pochard-

Anas querquedula-Marzaiola 

Aythya nyroca-Moretta tabaccata

Aythya fuligula-Moretta

Anas crecca-Alzavola

Netta rufina-Fistione turco

Circus aeruginosus-Falco di palude- Marsh harrier-

Pandion haliaetus-Falco pescatore- Osprey-

Falco vespertinus-Falco cuculo

Falco peregrinus-Falco Pellegrino

Falco tinnunculus-Gheppio- Kestrel-Faucon Crecerellete

Accipiter gentilis-Astore

Buteo buteo-Poiana- Buzzard-

Gallinula chloropus-Gallinella d'acqua- Morhen-

Fulica atra-Folaga- Coot-

Porphyrio porphyrio-Pollo sultano-

Rallus aquaticus-Porciglione- Water rail

Haematopus ostralegus-Beccaccia di mare- Oystercatcher-

Scolopax rusticola-Beccaccia

Himantopus himantopus-Cavaliere d'Italia- Black winged stilt-

Charadrius hiaticula-Corriere grosso

Numenius phaeopus-Chiurlo piccolo

Charadrius alexandrinus-Fratino

Pluvialis apricaria-Piviere dorato

Calidris ferruginea-Piovanello

Calidris alpina-Piovanello Pancianera

Calidris alba-Piovanello tridattilo

Arenaria interpres-Voltapietre- Turnstone-

Actis hipoleucos-Piro piro picolo- Common sandpier

Tringa ochropus-Piro piro culbianco- Green sandpiper

Tringa glareopla-Piro piro boschereccio

Tringa nebularia-Pantana

Limosa lapponica-Pittima minore

Tringa totanus-Totano moro

Larus ridibundus-Gabbiano comune

Larus argentatus-Gabbiano reale

Larus audouinii-Gabbiano corso

Sterna albifrons-Fraticello- Little tern-

Sterna sandvicensis-Beccapesci

Sterna caspia-Sterna maggiore

Chlidonias hybridus-Mignatino piombato

Columba palumbus-Colombaccio

Streptopelia turtur-Tortora

Apus apus-Rondone

Hirundo rustica-Rondine

Alcedo atthis-Martin pescatore- Kingfisher-

Upupa epops-Upupa- Hoopope

Merops apiaster- Gruccione- Bee eater

Dendrocopos major-Picchio rosso maggiore- Great spotted woodpecker

Athene noctua-Civetta- Little owl

Tadorna tadorna-Volpoca

Motacilla alba alba-Ballerina bianca

Motacilla cinerea-Ballerina gialla

Erithacus rebecula-Pettirosso- Robin-

Muscicapa striata-Pigliamosche-Spottede flycatcher

Passer domesticus- Passera oltremontana-

Passer Montanus-Passera mattuggia

Passer hispaniolensis-Passera sarda

Acrocephalus scirpaceus-Cannaiola

Acrocephalus arundinaceus-Cannareccione

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus-Forapaglie

Cettia cetti-Usignolo di fiume

Fringilla coelebs-Fringuello

Parus major-Cinciallegra

Sturnus vulgaris-Storno

Oriolus oriolus- Rigogolo-

Turdus merula-Merlo

Corvus corone cornix-Cornacchia

Corvus monedula-Taccola

The River Coghinas and lagoon at La Foce provides home and nesting sites for many diverse species of birds. Depending on the season there are always birds present along the water course, and occasionally we are lucky to have rare visitors to the area stop over here en-route to their summer or winter nesting grounds.

Bird Watching.

There are ample opportunities for bird watching along the River Coghinas. On both banks it is possible to access the river to observe the birds in their natural environment. Or, a gentle stroll along the bank from Giosue's kiosk will bring you to an area of wet land teeming with numerous birds rangeing from Sardinian Warblers to Marsh Harriers, gulls and our colourful Bee-eaters. With a little patience, a pair of binoculars and a camera, a very pleasent time can be spent watching the bird life.

Boat Excursions

Spend a couple of hours, courtesy of Giosue, travelling slowly up river for about 6 kms. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature at it's best. Abundant with bird life and bird song, cattle and sheep grazing at the waters edge. If you are very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the cinghale (wild boar) and piglets!
Giosue will keep you informed on all species of bird life seen, and where possible you will have photo opportunites. Binoculars are provided on these trips.
On the return journey of an evening excursion, take delight in our stunning sunsets. These are something not to be missed. Rich in colour and intensity, truly a beautiful sight!

Wild-life Photography.

There are many places to sit and observe the natural behaviour of the birds and wild-life along the River Coghinas,
and are quiet enough to be able to take a wide variety of pictures with out disturbing the wild-life it's self.

Info & Booking 

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