the river coghinas

 The River Coghinas.

The Coghinas is the 3rd longest river in Sardegna. It flows from Monti di Ala, in the Nord-est area, 115 kms to La Foce at Valledoria where it joins the Gulf of Assinara. En-route there are two man-made lakes, Coghinas and Casteldoria. Both lakes serve hydro electric dams and control the water flow along the river to La Foce (The Mouth or Estuary).

The river flows through farm land and open countryside for the major part of it's length. It is edged with indiginous trees and shrubs, the tamarisk being just one of many.

The Coghinas supports many different types of fish life along it's course. Many Of which are edible, and creates sport for tourists and locals alike. It is also possible to see water snakes and turtles if you are very lucky.

The river is also home to a number of birds, some resident all year, others being seasonal visitors.
Occasionally there are flamingos in the lagoon at La Foce, a sight not to be missed.

It is possible to sail dinghies on Lake Coghinas in the Tula area, canoe at Lake Casteldoria and to try windsurfing, canoeing or dinghy sailing at La Foce.

There is also an excursion boat sailing from La Foce which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the river whilst observing the abundant bird and wildlife.

The Birds.

The River Coghinas and lagoon at La Foce provides home and nesting sites for many diverse species of birds. Depending on the season there are always birds present along the water course, and occasionally we are lucky to have rare visitors to the area stop over here en-route to their summer or winter nesting grounds.

Bird Watching.

There are ample opportunities for bird watching along the River Coghinas. On both banks it is possible to access the river to observe the birds in their natural environment. Or, a gentle stroll along the bank from Giosue's kiosk will bring you to an area of wet land teeming with numerous birds rangeing from Sardinian Warblers to Marsh Harriers, gulls and our colourful Bee-eaters. With a little patience, a pair of binoculars and a camera, a very pleasent time can be spent watching the bird life.

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